Boss NF-1 Noise Gate

The Boss NF-1 may be desirable due to its simplicity but has been surpassed by most modern noise suppressors. However, this pedal shares a very similar design to the Boss SG-1 Slow Gear which happens to be very rare and expensive. The Boss SG-1 slowly fades in your guitar to give you volume swells and allows you to simulate bowed instruments by removing the attack of your guitar pick. With our Slow Gear Conversion we take a stock NF-1 and convert the circuitry to be almost identical to the SG-1. Since recording the video below we’ve also changed the modification to extend the maximum swell time. This allows you to have an even longer swell rate than an SG-1 could provide. The pedal will no longer be a noise gate but will provide a classic slow volume effect in a reliable package without the inflated price tag. We do not offer custom painting of Boss pedals and your pedal will not be painted black as part of the pedal conversion seen in the video below.

Slow Gear Conversion…………………………………….. $50