Repair Services

All pedals are different so it is difficult to give an exact price estimate until the pedal is disassembled. There is a $35 bench fee (per pedal) which must be included with the broken pedal. If the estimate is approved by the customer then the $35 bench fee goes towards the cost of the repair. Modifications DO NOT require a bench fee. Please include any known symptoms when requesting a price quote; if LEDs light up or if signal passes, etc. Turn around time is usually about 2 weeks unless parts need to be ordered. We have access to a wide variety of vintage and modern replacement components to make appropriate repairs for any budget.

Common Repairs:
Recalibration of analog delay pedals
Replacing a PCB-mounted switch (Voodoo Labs pedals)
Replacing broken switches in Electro Harmonix, Wah, MXR pedals, etc.
Upgrading plastic jacks in pedals such as Russian EHX pedals (as seen below)
Replacing broken pots or missing knobs
Maintaining vintage effects with worn out components and aging capacitors
Fixing malfunctioning pedals