Bass Favorites

Super Bass Bit Fuzz 
Our high gain Bass Fuzz designed to offer a wide variety of tones in a small package. Pairs nicely with our Super 8-Bit fuzz. 
The Scalpel Volume Pedal
A great option to control the volume for quieter sections of songs or for balancing the volume on different instruments.
Boss DS-1 Distortion for Bass
A cheap alternative for a bass player looking for a raw, distorted tone without investing a lot of money. Used DS-1s can be purchased for under $30 making this a great bang-for-your-buck option for players on a budget. Sounds great with keyboards and other instruments as well.

Electro Harmonix Bassballs
This modification adds a wide variety of controls for the dual filters in the Bassballs. Controls for each filter allows for a wide range of vocal tones breathing new life into an excellent sounding pedal.
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
A staple for both guitar and bass players, our modifications expand the range of tones available as well as remove the scooped mids that make the pedal get lost in the mix. Our Blend Knob is a favorite among bass players that want to add fuzz to their sonic palette without losing the tight low-end of their instrument.
Pro Co Rat
A pedal which is synonymous with bass-cut. Our most popular bass modifications for this pedal include our overhaul which improves the overall tone and significantly boosts the bass. The clean volume knob as mentioned above for the Big Muff works great on the Rat as well.
Vox Wah / Dunlop Crybaby
We have a long list of wah mods which can be fine tuned for bass the same way we dial in our standard overhaul for an electric guitar. Frequency switches, midrange knobs, and volume knobs are all popular for our bass playing friends.