Is there a minimum total for domestic orders?
Yes, the total without shipping must be at least $50.

What's the order process?
If you know which modifications you would like please email us and include your zip code. We'll reply with a total amount due and a .pdf file that has all of the necessary ordering information.

What should be included for repairs and modifications?
You should include a filled out copy of the order form (which we will email to you), payment, and the pedal(s). Please include power adapters for any pedals being modded that do not run on a 9V battery or commonly used power supply. We have access to 9V, 12V, 18V, and 24V DC as well as 9V AC adapters. Please do NOT include batteries, original boxes, or other accessories that are not required for the modification.

How much does a modification cost?
Most modifications are priced on the website. Email for a quote on custom mods.

How long will this take?
Pedal Orders: Even items listed as "in stock" may take 5-10 days to ship. If you have a deadline please contact us before ordering. Custom orders will be given an estimated time frame.

Modifications: Turn around time is roughly 2 weeks for standard modifications. You should request an estimated turn around time before ordering if you have a deadline.

Can I stop by your shop to test out gear?
We do not have a storefront open to the public. If you wish to demo pedals please contact us to find your nearest retailer that carries FXdoctor pedals.

"I can't find the address to send my pedal!"
The shipping address will be sent via email- this keeps customers from sending pedals without confirming the correct details.

It just doesn't work in my setup... what can I do?
Returns are accepted within 5 days from delivery of your pedal. Your refund will be issued as store credit. Custom pedals, deluxe models, and used pedals cannot be returned. The item being returned must be in the "like new" condition or there may be up to a 25% restocking fee. Shipping fees are non-refundable. We encourage you to support your local music shops and demo the products in person whenever possible.

About our High Fidelity mods:
What you should expect from our overhauls and high fidelity modifications is a fuller tone, punchier bass, clearer treble, and all of those fun buzz words associated with a pleasant sound. While it's hard to describe the difference it is easy to hear. Some mods use specific chips to obtain a certain sound. The original Ibanez Tubescreamer used a JRC4558 which is– in general– a very low quality chip. However, it works in that application so that is what we use for our conversion. For modifications that are not designed to replicate a vintage sound we use high quality components that would improve almost any audio circuit. For capacitors this includes NP0 ceramic, polypropylene, polyester film, and non-polarized electrolytic. For ICs we prefer to use Texas Instruments, NJR, and (at a premium price) Burr Brown op-amps. Please inquire if you want  a specific component used in your pedal.


How much should be included with my pedal?

  • Include the full amount if given an exact total.
  • If given an estimate for a modification, you may wait until an exact price is given.
  • For repairs, please include return shipping and a $35 bench fee (per pedal) unless otherwise instructed.

What is the best way to pay?
Money orders, bank checks, and personal checks are accepted for pedal orders, modifications, and repairs. Well concealed cash can be sent at buyer's risk. We cannot accept checks made out to FXdoctor so please email for the necessary payment info. Paypal is NOT accepted.


What are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs are not included in any of the posted prices. We charge actual shipping costs based on your zip code and ship via USPS Priority Mail on all domestic orders. Please print legibly on the order form.

What about tracking or insurance?
We are not responsible for packages lost in the mail. We provide tracking numbers on all domestic packages. Insurance of up to $50 is standard on all domestic packages shipped via the United States Post Office. If you'd like your item insured for more than $50 you can check the insurance fees as posted on www.usps.com. We recommend using Priority Mail when shipping pedals in for modifications or repairs.

How should I send in my pedals?
Shipping through USPS using regional rate boxes or flat rate padded envelopes tend to be the best value. Fedex is often cheaper for oversized or heavy gear. Please do not send your pedals in via UPS. 


What kind of warranty do you offer?
All labor has a 2 year warranty to the original owner- that does not include hardware (i.e. dead switch, worn out jacks, pots, etc). The warranty is void if the pedal's been tampered with or abused.

Sound Clips and Videos:

What gear do you use on your sound clips and videos?
All sound clips, unless otherwise noted, are used with a Fender Thinline Telecaster with Lindy Fralin pickups into a 1976 Fender Super Reverb with four stock 10" speakers. We may also use a 1967 Fender Vibro Champ with a Jensen P8R. A Shure SM57 or vintage Sennheiser HD421 is placed off-axis against the grill of the amplifier.

International Orders:

Is there a minimum total for international orders?
Yes, the total without shipping must be at least $100. This is due to the additional time required to ship international packages.

What is the best way to pay?
We can invoice customers using Square online payments or accept international Money Orders for payment. Paypal is NOT accepted. Online payments are subject to a 3% credit card processing fee. All payment must be in United States Dollars (USD).

What about shipping?
Shipping costs are not included in any of the posted prices. We charge actual shipping costs based on your country and ship via USPS First Class mail on all international orders. All packages must be under 4 pounds. Do not include any power supplies with your pedals unless otherwise requested. Buyers are responsible for all import taxes and duties. Please print legibly on the order form.