Colorsound Wah Pedals
Colorsound Wah pedals are known for their unique casing which gives the treadle a much longer travel than a pedal which uses a Crybaby wah-style enclosure. Colorsound has had many variations over the years so most modifications are treated as custom mods and pricing will vary. The two main differences in tone are between the models with or without an inductor. The models with an inductor share a similar circuit to a Crybaby wah. The models without an inductor sounds great but entirely different. Common requests include converting the pedal to true bypass, replacing missing components, repairing broken battery snaps or installing a DC jack, and replacing a scratchy potentiometer. Please email to request price quotes as there are many different models and prices vary.

The Colorsound Wah-Swell pictured above is a unique pedal. When the pedal is on it functions as a wah pedal. When it is off it functions as a volume pedal. The problem is that in order to get this to work properly Colorsound had to wire the wah potentiometer backwards. This means when your toe is down the pedal is at its bass position and heel-down is the treble position. Most guitarists find this to range from confusing to unusable. The volume control section is also poorly designed. It loads down your signal and doesn't fully mute your guitar when rocked all of the way back. Our Wah-Swell conversion saves this pedal by removing the volume pedal feature, converts the pedal to true bypass to preserve your tone when bypassed, and inverts the wiring so that the wah follows the normal convention of toe-down being treble. 

Wah-Swell Removal/Conversion................................... $55