MXR Carbon Copy Tap Tempo

This page is dedicated to our Tap Tempo conversions for the MXR Carbon Copy delay. Our MXR Carbon Copy tap tempo conversion requires the pedal to be rehoused in order to fit the necessary circuitry to add tap tempo. 

The Tap Tempo conversion circuit will install a footswitch which will set the pedal’s delay time to match the tempo inputted by the user. This is an easy way to get your delay repeats to sync up with your music. This circuit replaces the clock chip that all analog delay pedals have. Please note that the stock modulation circuit will no longer function once the pedal is modified. The signal path– and more importantly the analog delay chips– will not be changed in any way. Your pedal will sound the same but with added functionality. 

The modification also supports the following add-ons at an additional price:
Modulation: Rate and Depth controls with optional footswitch to activate it
Ratio: quarter note or dotted eighth note

Basic: $140 Rehoused into a new enclosure and tap tempo footswitch is added. No modulation controls. 

Add $15 for textured black paint.

Standard: $160 Rehoused into a new enclosure and tap tempo footswitch is added. 

Also installed are modulation controls for Rate and Depth. Toggle switch changes ratio between quarter note and dotted eighth note. 

Add $15 for textured black paint.

Add Ons:

Modulation Footswitch: This allows you to turn the Modulation Controls on and off using the center footswitch. $30

Remote footswitch jack: allows you to use any standard (N/O momentary switch) to set the tempo instead of the internal tap tempo switch. $10

The video below is of our first prototype. We do not offer a rehousing in this smaller enclosure.