Roland Jet Phaser AP-7

This has been an on going project which I think finally came to an end. It was a distortion/phase pedal but you couldn’t select the effects separately. I added the center switch to control the phaser separate from the distortion. I converted each effect to true bypass and added LEDs. The far right footswitch ramps up or down the rate of the phaser. It’s a great idea but difficult to follow when using live. I installed a white LED that pulses the rate of the phaser for a visual indication. This pedal runs off of two 9V batteries for a +/- setup and had no AC adapter jack. I installed a negative voltage circuit so it can run off of a single battery and then installed a standard 2.1mm barrel jack to be used with any standard power supply. It was a large investment of time but the modifications make it practical for live use.

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3 Responses to Roland Jet Phaser AP-7

  1. Mario says:

    that thing is sick.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool! Can you provide more detail on your mods?
    I just got one of these. I love it but it would be nice to run it off the same power as my other FX. Also I wish I could control the distortion/sustain (to turn it down a little)
    How did you do the negative voltage circuit?
    Does your center switch just turn the distortion on/off?

  3. FX Doctor says:

    The left switch turns the phaser on and off; The center turns distortion on and off. I don't recall what chip was used on this specific pedal but it was some form of charge pump IC, likely Maxim or something comparable.

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