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Boss PD-1 Rocker Distortion- Power Conversion

The Boss PD-1 is a distortion pedal with a treadle to adjust the amount of gain. At the toe you have a “warp” switch which is just a high gain momentary switch. It’s very basic and contrary to popular belief … Continue reading

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Boss Chorus modifications

I’ve always noticed that the Boss CE-5 and CH-1 chorus pedals sounded unnatural. The pulsing effect wasn’t smooth but seemed to pulse like an engine struggling up a steep incline. The effect is even more noticeable once the pedal is … Continue reading

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Overhauled EHX Bass Micro Synth

One of my favorite projects from the past few months has to be this overhaul of the Bass Micro Synth. It’s just such a cool pedal. The added footswitch bypasses the Voice Mix section and sends your original guitar tone … Continue reading

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Mesa Boogie Bigfoot+ styled footswitch

The Mesa Boogie Bigfoot+ is the massive five button footswitch that monopolizes so many pedalboards.  It’s great, it does a lot, but in most cases it offers far more than needed. The Solo boost is great to have but not … Continue reading

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MXR M-101 Phase 90 Modifications

I’ve posted a few times about the MXR Phase 90 “Script Logo” reissue over the past year but I haven’t mentioned the tried and true Block Logo (Model M-101) that’s been around for decades. We’ve offered the “Script mod” for … Continue reading

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DOD 250 Overdrive: Gray Generation Switch

The DOD 250 overdrive is one of those classic effects that’s been around for decades and is still highly sought after. Pedal collectors may desire it because of the rarity, but the original pedal screams when ran into a cranked … Continue reading

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MXR CSP-026 Handwired 1974 Vintage Phase 90 Modifications

This is an update on our previous blog post for the modifications on the Phase 90 Reissue, a.k.a. “Handwired 1974 Vintage Phase 90”. We’re now bundling true bypass, install LED that pulses to the rate of the phaser, install DC … Continue reading

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Dual LED Scalpel Volume Pedal

We’ve had the Scalpel Volume pedal available for years and the most common issue is that when the pedal is activated it decreases the volume. It’s often described as counter-intuitive and confusing which is entirely understandable. When your Fuzz pedal’s … Continue reading

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Mesa Boogie Bigfoot Rehousing

The Mesa Boogie Bigfoot is an interesting footswitch. It’s for a three channel amp which makes it far more complicated than a simple Clean/Distortion footswitch. It uses intelligent switch (digital gates) for all switching which makes replicating it difficult. For … Continue reading

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Danelectro French Toast Fuzz Rehousing

I’m constantly contacted and asked to rehouse the Danelectro French Toast fuzz into a metal casing with better hardware and to add an LED. Seven years after this post was first created we’ve finally decided to stop offering rehousings on … Continue reading

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