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Boss DM-2 Analog delay clone

So after coming across two rare (and original) MN3005 analog delay chips I realized that they had to be put to use. The pedal above is based on the Boss DM-2 analog delay. Some improvements include upgraded opamps, better quality … Continue reading

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Tap Tempo Tremolo

Here’s a first run of a square wave tap tempo tremolo design. We’re keeping it simple. One LED to flash the rate, one to show when the pedal is activated. The knob controls the depth. Left switch is on/off, right … Continue reading

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Custom Shop: Tremolo / Reverb

This recent build was for Liam from Yellowbirddd looking for a great-sounding reverb and tremolo. The plan was to keep it simple for ease of use and to save space while traveling. The tremolo has depth and rate controls, the … Continue reading

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Cease.Transmission Prototype 2

Here’s another Cease.transmission prototype this time without an LED to prolong battery life. Same internal circuitry as the original model just with the addition of a volume knob. Currently posted on the Specials page for $75..

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Deluxe Cease.transmission update

The latest addition to the deluxe prototype is the volume knob. There are two more prototypes planned until the actual retail model is released in a few months. This one is still available for the previously posted price of $90. … Continue reading

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Channel Selector Rehousing

Here’s a recent project to put a Kustom ’72 Coupe footswitch into a (much) smaller casing. I like the utilitarian look and the recessed LEDs should provide years of carefree service..

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Deluxe Cease.Transmission Prototype

The cease.transmission was originally developed to be a quirky noise maker for studio and DJ use. Eventually guitar players started snatching them up but quickly found that since the original model doesn’t have an input jack that it is difficult … Continue reading

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New Pedalboard

Here’s an update from last year’s post regarding my setup. I finally picked up “The Pedalhead” from NYC Pedalboards so here’s the new layout. This is the final layout although I plan on changing a few things. The plan is:Modded … Continue reading

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Boss TU-12 tuner mod

Something about the mechanical needle on the TU-12 tuner just works better than the LED indicators. I find myself using the TU-12 over any other tuner but on a dark stage it can be irritating to deal with. Here is … Continue reading

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Danelectro Danecho Buffer Mod

This post is for you serious pedal geeks. A common mod for the Danecho is to use a better input buffer to prevent signal loading and retain the clarity. In an attempt to show visually what is actually happening I … Continue reading

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