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Mesa Boogie Bigfoot+ styled footswitch

The Mesa Boogie Bigfoot+ is the massive five button footswitch that monopolizes so many pedalboards.  It’s great, it does a lot, but in most cases it offers far more than needed. The Solo boost is great to have but not … Continue reading

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MXR M-101 Phase 90 Modifications

I’ve posted a few times about the MXR Phase 90 “Script Logo” reissue over the past year but I haven’t mentioned the tried and true Block Logo (Model M-101) that’s been around for decades. We’ve offered the “Script mod” for … Continue reading

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DOD 250 Overdrive: Gray Generation Switch

The DOD 250 overdrive is one of those classic effects that’s been around for decades and is still highly sought after. Pedal collectors may desire it because of the rarity, but the original pedal screams when ran into a cranked … Continue reading

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