Close-up of the RC-20XL footswitch

Just a quick one in candy red- surprisingly a close match to the RC-20XL. The LEDs are always on and turn off when the footswitch is pressed. Makes it easy to find on a dark stage..

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3 Responses to Close-up of the RC-20XL footswitch

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this a custom stomp using FS-5U guts?

  2. FX Doctor says:

    Nope- it was built entirely from scratch. This is also cheaper and smaller than using two FS-5Us.

  3. moloko says:

    It is remarkable! Would you be willing to share the schematics? I was going to tear apart an FS-6 and transplant, a cheaper sollution would be ideal though…and thank you for the quick response.

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