Surface Mount ICs

Upgrading opamps for better sound quality is very common request. The commonly used (and dirt cheap) JRC4558 may be popular for Tubescreamers but is not be ideal for circuits when you want the most transparent sound. Burr-Brown and other companies make excellent chips to retain sonic fidelity. Above is a photo of their surface mount chip which was used to upgrade the signal path in an EHX Holier Grail..

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Monster Face "Organ"

I’m not sure what exactly inspired this, but it’s a 10 note sine wave generator giving you all sorts of beeps. The fun part is that each button’s frequency can be adjusted and playing more than one at a time gives entirely different frequencies. Videos to be posted when time permits. $150.

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Tetris Teaser

Limited run available. Gray empty housing- order your own circuit.
Green channel switcher- $65.
Blue tap tempo or volume mute- $65..

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Setting Saver knobs

Over the years a very common complain has been musicians accidentally bumping their knobs and having to worry about unexpected setting changes. These new rubberized covers cover the shaft and threads to add some resistance when adjusting your settings. Great for touring musicians that don’t want to check each setting every time their gear is carelessly moved by band mates. Also a clean looking alternative to knobs. Compatible with most pedals. These are available by request on any FXdoctor pedals and will be available for order on the website in a few weeks at a price of $0.50 each..

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Roland Jet Phaser AP-7

This has been an on going project which I think finally came to an end. It was a distortion/phase pedal but you couldn’t select the effects separately. I added the center switch to control the phaser separate from the distortion. I converted each effect to true bypass and added LEDs. The far right footswitch ramps up or down the rate of the phaser. It’s a great idea but difficult to follow when using live. I installed a white LED that pulses the rate of the phaser for a visual indication. This pedal runs off of two 9V batteries for a +/- setup and had no AC adapter jack. I installed a negative voltage circuit so it can run off of a single battery and then installed a standard 2.1mm barrel jack to be used with any standard power supply. It was a large investment of time but the modifications make it practical for live use..

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Custom Fuzz

Here’s a custom fuzz similar to the 8-Bit fuzz. More gain and has a tighter low end with better clarity for chord work. Hand painted by a local artist. True bypass with a bright blue LED and a volume control. $140.

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Ibanez AD-9 Revival

Here’s an excellent example of a well-used Ibanez AD-9. When received the repeat knob was about the break off, the dry signal was cutting out, and the footswitch was intermittent. The owner also requested a true bypass mod which is a bit more complicated by the limited space inside the pedal and the dry output jack (separates the dry and wet signal when used). After some careful planning this thing is better than new..

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New Ad

I just thought I’d share part of the newest ad campaign that we’ll be running. It actually started out as a joke due to my compulsion for organizing. I think it came out exactly how I had pictured it. Now it’s time to figure out where to print these..

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One of the most common questions is what actually makes it onto my pedalboard from the massive amount of pedals I’ve owned over the years. Here’s a current snapshot of my rig- the board on the left is mainly for practice, the right is my main rig for shows:

1. Vox wah – vocal mod, midrange, California mod, Fasel inductor, true bypass
2. MXR dyna comp- dying battery mod, hi-fi mod
3. EHX Big Muff based fuzz- Body knob, clarity mod, fat switch
4. Boss RC-20XL looper with 2 button phrase select switch
5. Fender PT-100 pedal tuner with true bypass (I prefer it over the Boss TU-2)
6. Right switch = momentary mute / tap tempo for DD-5;
Left switch = volume cut circuit (The Scalpel)
7. Ibanez Tubescreamer based overdrive
8. 8-bit Fuzz
9. Ibanez AD-9 analog delay
10. Boss DD-5 with high cut and reverse kill mods
11. Channel switcher for reverb / tremolo on my amp.

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