8-Bit Fuzz

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The 8-Bit Fuzz is a high-gain gated fuzz. The notes feel like a keyboard; immediate attack and the note just disappears suddenly when used in a more traditional manner. Random octave dives can occur at certain settings as well as a fat, raspy fuzz in the lower octaves. The pedal is very responsive to your playing technique. The 8-Bit Fuzz can be powered by either a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm DC adapter. 

We’ve made quite a few versions over the years and our modified 5-knob version was so popular that we now only offer that model. The center knob is a Volume knob. To the left and right of it are Stability and Gain knobs. These two work in conjunction as increasing one works best by decreasing the other. Set the Stability knob to match your style of playing (turning it up decreases the stability of how your notes decay) and adjust the Gain to taste. The top right knob is Focus and adjusts the bias of the transistors. This will adjust compression and overall feel of the fuzz. Top left is the Input Bias knob which allows you to decrease the strength of your guitar signal hitting the circuit. A really hot signal can overload the input and this knob lets you decrease that if you want a more stable sound. And finally we have the 3-way toggle switch. Center is the stock tone. Flipping the switch up will cut all bass and starves the input. This will decrease gain and cause the fuzz to sputter. Flipping the switch down is bass boost mode and overloads the input with low end which will increase sustain and fatten up the tone.