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Tap Trigger Pedal

My favorite part of running a custom shop is when I have time to work on these oddball projects. We’ve had a few similar prototypes over the years but decided to finalize the design in what you see on this … Continue reading

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Digitech PDS Series Pedals

We’ve been posting about these old Digitech PDS series pedals for years both as restoration projects and overhaul mods to make the pedal function better than new. I think we have a good sampling of the delay pedals shown above … Continue reading

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Custom Fixed Wah

Here’s another personal project used to test out some new designs and ends up going into the collection of oddball pedals. The goal was to take a Crybaby wah circuit and make the smallest PCB possible while also adding functionality. … Continue reading

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DIY: Tool Recommendations for Pedal Building

Here’s a list of tools I either use or recommend for people getting into modding and building their own pedals. I’ll update if anything new or exciting comes out but these are the basics: Soldering Irons:Hakko FX-888D – A popular … Continue reading

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Warm Audio Jet Phaser – Part 1

We love the old Roland AP7 Jet Phaser and have seen a few in over the years for modifications and repairs. Warm Audio’s clone is fairly accurate to the original which means it benefits from our modifications to separate out … Continue reading

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Tubescreamer TS9 / TS808 PCB Assembly

This circuit board started out as a way for us to test some PCB design features that we wanted to bring to other products that we offer. In the first photo you can see our first shot at making tubescreamer … Continue reading

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Boss CE-1 Power Conversion

Our Boss CE-1 power conversion bypasses the internal power transformer and allows the pedal to be powered by an 18V DC power source rather than plugging into a 120V AC power source. This can be helpful for people that live … Continue reading

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DIY: Make Your Own Cables

There are plenty of reasons to build your own cables which I’m not going to get into here. If you’ve decided to go ahead and customize your pedalboard, repair your broken cables, or build new ones from scratch these are … Continue reading

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Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer PCB Repair

The 9 Series Ibanez pedals secure the PCB to the chassis using a single screw right next to the DC jack. As these pedals age and become fragile the board can crack around the mounting hole. A copper washer is … Continue reading

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Shin-ei Uni-Vibe controller (Part 3)

This is an update to a previous post writing about a hand controller to replace the rocking “wah” style foot controller for the vintage Shin-ei Uni-Vibe pedal. Unfortunately for these pedals you can’t switch them on/off and can’t adjust the … Continue reading

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