Boss CE-2 Chorus, CE-2B Bass Chorus, CE-3 Chorus

This unit is known for its pristine chorus tone. We take a great pedal and make it even better with our Overhaul mod. First, we improve the signal path replacing key capacitors with higher quality ones. These pedals can be around 30 years old and the low quality components certainly have degraded by now. We also replace the main op-amp with a low noise one. A few tweaks throughout the pedal to improve tone and expand the range of the Rate control. We also convert the pedal to work with regulated power supplies since the original design was intended to be used with the Boss ACA-120 which is an unregulated power supply. Last, we replace the status LED with a blue one that flashes the rate of the chorus when activated. If you don’t want the newly installed LED to flash please let us know. Your pedal will still sound like a Boss CE-2 just better than it did when new from the factory. 

The Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus has only two differences from the Boss CE-2; one capacitor and the addition of an Effects Level knob. This pedal can be converted to a Boss CE-2 circuit at no additional charge when sent in for any mod. 

The Boss CE-3 has a very similar circuit (not nearly identical as is the CE-2B) and can utilize the Overhaul Mod.

Overhaul…………………………………….. $75