Boss PD-1 Rocker Distortion- Power Conversion

The Boss PD-1 is a distortion pedal with a treadle to adjust the amount of gain. At the toe you have a “warp” switch which is just a high gain momentary switch. It’s very basic and contrary to popular belief it bears no resemblance with the Boss DS-1. This pedal is unique because it’s one of the only Boss compact stompboxes I’ve seen that was designed to run on a 9V adapter or two C cell batteries. The current draw is under 10mA so large batteries are absolutely not necessary for the pedal to function. It uses that large black box (shown below) to increase the 3V from the battery to 10V. A quick conversion allows this pedal to be run on 9V PSA120 adapters (Boss’s current standard) or a 9V battery. Some shots of the internals before and then a shot of the 9V battery holder:

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