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“The Tripel” – Big Muff, Pro Co Rat, Tubescreamer all in one enclosure

  In a previous post we combined a Pro Co Rate and EHX Big Muff into one enclosure with a few modifications. We decided to take this one step further and add both a Rat and a Tubescreamer into this … Continue reading

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Ibanez UE-300 Multi Effects Rehousing

The Ibanez UE-300 is a relic from the 1980s when multi effects were becoming popular but predates the popularity of digital effects. This unit has an all analog signal path with a compressor, overdrive (tubescreamer), and chorus all built into … Continue reading

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MXR CSP-001 Variphase: What were they thinking?

  We are often asked to rehouse pedals into wah casings so the effect can be manipulated¬†while still playing guitar. This ends up being a very expensive rehousing due to the cost of the casing as well as a variety … Continue reading

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Pro Co Rat installed in an EHX Big Muff

For years we’ve had people send various Big Muff pedals for rehousing into a smaller casing. The circuit board isn’t nearly as large as the casing that it ships in (specifically in the USA reissue) so it’s a great candidate … Continue reading

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EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress Rehousing

The Deluxe Electric Mistress is the flanger that we see in here the most. It’s a great sounding flanger but there are so many reasons that it’s not friendly for a gigging musician. We’re offering a standard rehousing service which … Continue reading

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Vintage Small Stone Rehousing

This Small Stone has had quite a history of tinkering and modifications. When it arrived it had broken wires and was literally falling apart. We decided to take it on as a complete rebuild. Every single wire was removed from … Continue reading

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Musitronics Mu-Tron III rehousing

The Mu-Tron III has a legacy of being one of the best envelope filters ever made. Some of the big names that made this pedal so popular include Stevie Wonder, Bootsy Collins, and Jerry Garcia. The pedal sounds excellent but … Continue reading

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Boss CE-2 Restoration & Rehousing

This week we received two Boss CE-2 Chorus pedals in different states of disrepair. The first that arrived is pictured above in the left panel. It arrived exactly like that: missing parts, disassembled, and painted black. Although the original paint … Continue reading

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Mesa Boogie Bigfoot Rehousing

The Mesa Boogie Bigfoot is an interesting footswitch. It’s for a three channel amp which makes it far more complicated than a simple Clean/Distortion footswitch. It uses intelligent switch (digital gates) for all switching which makes replicating it difficult. For … Continue reading

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Danelectro French Toast Fuzz Rehousing

I’m constantly contacted and asked to rehouse the Danelectro French Toast fuzz into a metal casing with better hardware and to add an LED. Seven years after this post was first created we’ve finally decided to stop offering rehousings on … Continue reading

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