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Danelectro DJ-1 Pastrami Overdrive #2

Looks like we have another DJ-1 Pastrami Overdrive rehousing after the last one a few weeks ago. Basically the same job just with the components slightly shifted to make the rehousing easier. Those Danelectro pedals may be small but they … Continue reading

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Akai Intelliphase P1 Rehousing

I remember years ago when Musician’s Friend was blowing out these Akai Intelliphase pedals for $40 but I decided against picking one up due to the size. Above is a shot of a customer’s pedal rehoused into a 3.5″ x … Continue reading

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Danelectro DJ-1 Rehousing

I probably see a few emails a week asking for a price quote on rehousing a Danelectro mini. The plastic casing, tiny switch, PCB-mounted plastic jacks, and micro pots are all serious problems for anyone that needs reliable performance from … Continue reading

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Boss Rehousings: DD-5 and other 4 knobbers

Occasionally I’ll have a request for a Boss pedal to be modded to the point where components will no longer fit into the stock casing. Some people prefer the stompswitch rather than Boss’ switch design. Sometimes we just want a … Continue reading

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Channel Selector Rehousing

Here’s a recent project to put a Kustom ’72 Coupe footswitch into a (much) smaller casing. I like the utilitarian look and the recessed LEDs should provide years of carefree service.

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Dan Armstrong Purple Peaker Rehousing

These devices are certainly unique but the fact that they mount directly to your instrument isn’t acceptable for many guitarists. Here is a rehousing with the addition of a DC jack and a volume control. The layout allows room for … Continue reading

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Napkin rehousing project

After speaking with a client he requested that his tone generator be rehoused from its cigar box into a steel napkin dispenser. The difficult part was fitting everything into a smaller face while clearing the internal springs of the napkin … Continue reading

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