Colorsound wah sweep

colorsound vs crybaby

Most wahs on the market rely on a rack and pinion to turn the potentiometer which creates the wah-wah effect. This system is used by the big players like Dunlop and Vox as well as most of the other clones on the market. It’s a great, reliable setup and I have no complaints with it.

Colorsound decided to go a different route and used a lever that attaches to the pot which allows for a much wider sweep. If you look at the photos above you can see how much wider the Colorsound wah (blue) rocks back compared to a stock Dunlop Crybaby (black). This gives the pedal a bit more sweep and changes the feel of the pedal because of the longer distance traveled.  Although a wider sweep may be better there are still people that prefer the shorter travel yet sturdier casing found in the Dunlop/Vox style wah casing.

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