Custom Fixed Wah

Here’s another personal project used to test out some new designs and ends up going into the collection of oddball pedals. The goal was to take a Crybaby wah circuit and make the smallest PCB possible while also adding functionality. Some favorites from this fixed-way pedal:
1. Added Resonance and Midrange knobs plus a Frequency toggle switch
2. A volume boost circuit plus volume knob since filter pedals can cut the volume when activated.
3. Pads for both a Fasel inductor or the standard one found in Crybaby wahs for years.
4. Expression pedal jack so the pedal could be controlled like a more traditional wah pedal.
5. Socketed transistors to allow for experimenting.

Overall this ends up being a very versatile filter pedal in a reasonably sized Gold 125B enclosure from Small Bear.

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