Danelectro Dan-Echo

The Danelectro Dan-Echo is a very popular delay known for being an affordable delay that is incredibly versatile and sounds great. The main problem is that the input buffer of this pedal is not a high enough impedance so it attenuates the signal. This causes your guitar to sound dull and lifeless even when the pedal is in bypass.

Our Overhaul mod redesigns the input buffer of the pedal to create clearer delays that retain your guitar’s clarity as well as greatly improves the bypassed tone. Danelectro has updated their new Danechos to use an op-amp input buffer; if your circuit board looks like this then our Overhaul mod will not benefit you.

Also included in our Overhaul mod is an upgrade from the flimsy, stock jacks to metal chassis-mount jacks as seen above. These new jacks have a firm click when plugging in cables and reduce the pressure put on the PCB when plugging in your cables.

Overhaul …………………………………………. $80