EHX Small Clone Mix Mod

small clone labeled


One of the great things about the large EHX casings is that there is plenty of room to add knobs on the pedal. This pedal was one of our own to experiment on. Our mix knob has been popular on flanger and phaser pedals so we decided to add it to this chorus pedal. Chorus is simply a dry signal mixed with a pitch shifted (vibrato) signal so this mix control allows you to make the chorus effect a bit more subtle by mixing in some clean guitar or more intense by mixing in more of the vibrato sound. Turning the knob entirely clockwise will give a full vibrato effect.

We added a Depth Knob which affects how wide the LFO sweeps.Since adding a Depth knob makes the Depth switch redundant, we decided to rewire it as an Intensity Switch. When pushed up the pedal is at it’s stock tone, when slid down it is a more subtle shimmer effect.

Other mods include a Volume knob to help the pedal boost the signal an appropriate amount and a Boss style barrel jack to replace the stock ⅛” phone jack. Overall a very versatile pedal with an entirely analog circuit path which should cover a wide variety of tones.

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