Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus

The Small Clone is a favorite chorus pedal around here due to its analog circuit, true bypass, and ample room inside for additions and modifications. Our Overhaul modification is a combination of our favorite mods to add functionality and improve the tone. A knob is added to control the Depth of the chorus and the stock Depth switch is converted to switch between shimmer and lush modes. Shimmer mode gives a more subtle fluttering chorus and lush will give a more prominent effect. When combined with the Depth knob you can increase or decrease the intensity of the effect compared to the stock configuration. We’ll also replace the main op-amp for more transparency. 

Our Mix Knob is a recent addition to the Overhaul which allows you to blend between the dry guitar signal and the wet, delayed signal. The stock setting for the pedal would be half dry and half wet signal. 100% wet gives you true pitch vibrato, 100% dry is your original guitar signal. The Mix knob will open up new tones allowing you to dial in a less intense chorus effect in a way different from what a Depth knob can offer. We also include a Volume Knob which allows the signal to be boost or cut depending on your needs.

Please note these mods only work on the true bypass version of the Small Clone. If you have a vintage unit it will need to be converted to true bypass in order to be overhauled.

Overhaul …………………………………………………….. $95