Fuzz prototype update

In an effort to improve the 8-Bit fuzz (and possibly make it Bass guitar friendly) I started working on this prototype. The knobs are as follow: thickness selector, gain, input bias, – cut, + cut, feedback recovery, volume, and a focus switch. Expect to see add-on options for the 8-Bit Fuzz in the future. Controls to adjust the amount of glitch (sonic stability control) and to increase the sustain should be available soon.

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3 Responses to Fuzz prototype update

  1. Bass says:

    This looks awesome.
    I love the bass bit fuzz.
    Incredible one knob fuzz.
    Color me interested in one with more control!!!

    Keep at it man.

  2. Mike B says:

    how far along with this are you now? like…how soon to the final version?

  3. FX Doctor says:

    A copy of this pedal can be custom ordered at any time, but otherwise we took the most useful controls and added them to the Deluxe model of the 8-Bit fuzz which is now available on the fxdoctor.com website.

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