Mesa Boogie Bigfoot+ styled footswitch

Mesa Boogie Bigfoot +The Mesa Boogie Bigfoot+ is the massive five button footswitch that monopolizes so many pedalboards.  It’s great, it does a lot, but in most cases it offers far more than needed. The Solo boost is great to have but not everyone uses it (especially on a 3-channel amp). The switchable FX Loop is cool but I can’t say I’ve ever used that feature in any of my amps that have had it. This pedal is for everyone that wants three channels in a small package using the standard DIN cable that Mesa Boogie uses. These are going to be made when ordered and are available for $100. Yeah, it’s a lot for a channel switcher but it’s a lot of work to build by hand.

A bit about the design: The original footswitch uses intelligent switching meaning when you press A it goes to channel A regardless of what channel you were on. The same goes for channel B and channel C. This is done by using digital logic switching and is not simply a passive channel switcher that the majority of amps out there have used for decades. Passive switches like an ABC box usually give you A or (B or C) which means going from Channel B, to Channel A, to Channel C requires some premeditated stomping.

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