MXR Blue Box

Don’t own one already? Purchase a stock MXR Blue Box and have it modified.

The Blue Box Tone Knob addresses the volume drop that is inherent in the pedal and enhances the thick, syrupy fuzz tones that come from this pedal. The Tone Knob disables the treble cut circuit that the Blue Box has in its stock form. The result is a boost in treble and overall output. Originally we used a toggle switch (as shown in the video below) but have now managed to fit a knob in its place for more control (as seen above).

The Blue Box has a Blend knob which allows you to mix in a fuzz that is two octaves below your original pitch. This is a great feature but the sub-octave may be too low to have any impact depending on your rig and playing style. Our Octave Toggle allows you to select between 2 sub-octaves and 1 sub-octave which still provides rumble but is more intelligible. 

Our Overhaul mod simply combines our most popular mods for the Blue Box at a discounted rate. The overhaul includes the Tone Knob, Octave Toggle, and True Bypass.