MXR Flanger

These vintage MXR Flangers are excellent pedals and utilize the rare SAD1024 chip. While we don’t have any mods that address any specific tone issues with this pedal we do offer an Overhaul to make the pedal a bit more friendly for a modern musician by converting the pedal to run on a standard power supply and include true bypass with an LED.

Our DC conversion removes the AC power cord and converts the pedal to run on an 18V DC regulated power supply such as the Dunlop ECB-004 or similar. This modification makes the pedal easier to use with modern pedalboard setups as most pedal power supplies will have 18V outputs or allow you to run two outputs in series to provide 18V. This modification also replaces the aging filter capacitor to extend the life of the pedal.

The True Bypass modification is our standard modification that we perform on all pedals and offers the installation of a status LED so you know if the pedal is bypassed or activated. Converting the pedal to true bypass replaces the footswitch in the process which can be beneficial for an old pedal with aging components.

Overhaul ………………………………………… $90