MXR Micro Flanger

Don’t own one already? Purchase a stock MXR Micro Flanger and have it modified.

The MXR Micro Flanger (M152) reissue is a favorite here because we love the sound and the compact footprint that it offers over the full-size MXR Flanger M117. However we really miss the depth knob on all modulation effects and there’s a large volume boost when engaged as well. Our Overhaul Modification was designed to address these issues and make the pedal much more versatile. It includes the following:

Depth knob as visible in the photo above: this will allow you to decrease the intensity of the effect. Then we install two trimpots inside of the pedal as these are something you’ll likely set once and forget it: a Manual adjustment and a Volume adjustment. The Manual control works with the Depth knob; As you turn down the Depth knob this will set the center frequency of the effect. The Volume adjustment will cut the volume and tame the volume boost present in the stock form. We also increase the maximum rate of the flanger for even more options.