MXR Variphase

The Variphase CSP-001 is MXR’s take on placing a Phase 90 phaser into a wah enclosure to allow you to change the rate with your foot. While this pedal is based on the Phase 90 it is also a modified version so some of our more popular MXR Phase 90 mods (like the script mod) do not apply to this pedal.

The following mods are included in our Overhaul Modification:

1. This pedal has a massive volume boost when activated even when the volume knob is at its lowest setting. Our Unity Gain Mod reduces the overall gain and allows you to match the bypassed volume level.

2. We add Intensity Knob allows you to decrease the strength of the phaser. This works in addition to the internal Depth switch for even more control.

3. We install our Phase 45 switch to replicate the more subtle tone of the MXR Phase 45. This modification involves installing a toggle switch to select either a Phase 45 tone or the stock Phase 90 tone. The mod does not convert the pedal to a 100% replica of a Phase 45 but it does closely approximate the tone of the more subtle tone of the Phase 45 which cannot be simulated by simply using an Intensity control.

Overhaul Modification…………………………………………..…$85