New Pedalboard

Here’s an update from last year’s post regarding my setup. I finally picked up “The Pedalhead” from NYC Pedalboards so here’s the new layout.

This is the final layout although I plan on changing a few things. The plan is:
Modded Vox wah (standard overhaul/ true bypass)
Dual Scalpel & Temporary Mute for TU-12 tuner
    (Artwork borrowed from the incredible Daniel Danger)
FXdoctor Overdrive
Big Muff styled Heart Fuzz
Bass Bit Fuzz (added gain control)
8-Bit Fuzz
DM-2 based analog delay (casing used as a place holder)
DD-5 (with high cut and reverse kill)
Ernie Ball Volume pedal
Boss RC-20XL

I’ll substitute in a Metatron for the Heart Fuzz or RC-20XL depending on what band I’m playing with. I’ll build a mini patchbay and use it as a riser for the TU-12 at some point. All powered using a daisy chain and a Visual Sounds power adapter. I’ve used a Dunlop DC Brick in the past but wasn’t impressed so switched back to a daisy chain.

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