Overhauled EHX Bass Micro Synth

FXdoctor modded micro synthOne of my favorite projects from the past few months has to be this overhaul of the Bass Micro Synth. It’s just such a cool pedal. The added footswitch bypasses the Voice Mix section and sends your original guitar tone straight to the filter section of the pedal. It basically takes the pedal and gives you a great envelope filter at the press of a button; no need to fiddle with the sliders during a song. The LED was converted to a bi-color LED so it is now red when in standard mode, green when bypassing the Voice mixer, and off when the pedal is bypassed. There are also three added jacks on the back panel next to the input and output. From left to right we have an expression pedal jack for the Stop frequency (using a 100KB TRS expression pedal) and a send and return for an effects loop. Pedals in the loop are placed after the envelope detector and voice mix but before the filter. This allows you to sub in your own type of distortion/fuzz but can also be used for other effects as needed. Information should be posted with pricing on the main website in the near future.

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