Ray Gun Phaser

We’ve developed our Ray Gun phaser in response to the popularity of our Phase 90 modifications. By starting from scratch we’re able to design the exact phaser we want rather than modify an already existing pedal. The goal for this pedal is to provide a classic phase tone with more control and utilize modern components. These components include socketed low-noise op-amps (“vintage” op-amps available by request), hand matched JFETs, film capacitors, and true bypass switching. This pedal comes standard with an Intensity knob and 45/90 toggle switch as popularized by our Phase 90 mods. The Intensity Knob allows you to decrease the strength of the phaser. The 45/90 switch allows you to select a more subtle and transparent phaser effect. This allows you to add texture to your sound without sounding like an effect. Check out the online store for currently available options and for custom orders we can apply most of our MXR Phase 90 modifications to this pedal.