Remaining Pedal Stock

Top left going clockwise:
1. Tap Tempo Pedal– displays BPM on screen. Plug in to your favorite delay to set tap tempo and also display the BPM while tapping. Was going to be an add-on for our tap tempo rehousing but was far too time consuming to turn into a viable product- $65
2. Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-808 Clone. Not much to say, it’s a clone of a tubescreamer – $80
3. Black / White Knob Pedal Sold
4. Gold Pedal Sold
5. Boss CE-2 Chorus Clone – has an added effect level knob like the CE-2B. $150
6. Boss Tap Tempo Pedal- great tap tempo footswitch if you prefer the wide pad of a Boss pedal over a traditional footswitch. Matches a Boss DD-5 nicely. Black rattle can paint. $65
7. FXdoctor Bass Bit Fuzz – this is one of our “no graphics” models. $80
8. Assortment of mini casings- these were going to be Scalpel Minis and other assorted projects. Custom boosts or Scalpel variants can be ordered to be assembled in these casings. Pricing Varies.

Email to order.

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