Scalpel Volume Pedal

The Scalpel Mini cuts your signal to where you set the knob to allow instant switching to the correct volume without the guesswork. Place it in your signal chain before your distortion pedal or preamp to control the amount of gain; Place it after your preamp or distortion pedal to control output volume. This is especially useful for cleaning up single channel amps. Set rhythm and lead tones with a single stomp. A treble preservation circuit keeps your high end from sounding dull when you turn the volume down. A very high input impedance keeps the pedal from loading down your passive pickups when run first in the signal chain. All models utilized true bypass switching to preserve your tone when off. They are also hand wired using high quality, chassis-mounted jacks, switches, and potentiometers to provide years of service. Our mini version now measuring in at only 1.5″ x 3.5″ will fit even the tightest of pedal boards. 

Below is our original full-sized model. The mini functions the same just in a smaller package.