Specials & Prototypes

Last updated: July 2024

Everything is new unless otherwise stated. Prices include US shipping.

1. Yeti Channel Footswitch for Dual Rectifier: 3.5″ x 4.5″ footprint, bare aluminum enclosure. Last one remaining. Buy Now: $135

2. Ray Gun Phaser 2: Years ago we offered the Ray Gun phaser- our take on the script-logo Phase 90 circuit with our own mods added in. This is a lite version with our slow mod and a mix knob. True bypass with LED, no battery option. $120

3. Warm Audio Jet Phaser: Prototype for our future overhaul mod. New with box and power supply. $300

4. Repeater Tremolo: Sawtooth tremolo we made years ago as seen in the demo video on guitar or on synth. Very unique sound. USED. $80