Vintage Small Stone Rehousing

This Small Stone has had quite a history of tinkering and modifications. When it arrived it had broken wires and was literally falling apart. We decided to take it on as a complete rebuild. Every single wire was removed from the circuit board and all modifications were removed so we had a reliable starting point for the restoration. Some of the mods include:

  • Complete rehousing in a 3.5″ x 4.5″ casing with new jacks and switches
  • True bypass with an LED
  • Color switch converted to a stompswitch; the LED turn blue when in Color mode, green when in regular mode, and is off when bypassed
  • Mix and Volume knobs installed
  • Aging capacitors replaced and LFO ticking removed
  • Boss style DC adapter jack installed

Overall this pedal is awesome! These vintage Small Stones just sound amazing and with the new modifications it should provide years of reliable operation.=

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