Warm Audio Jet Phaser – Part 1

Warm Audio Jet Phaser Modifications

We love the old Roland AP7 Jet Phaser and have seen a few in over the years for modifications and repairs. Warm Audio’s clone is fairly accurate to the original which means it benefits from our modifications to separate out the Phaser and Fuzz circuit into two separate foot switches that can be activated independently. We also break out the goofy 6-position Mode switch which combines the bypass switch for the fuzz, tone control for the fuzz, and depth control for the phaser.

It’s interesting to note that the pedal is being marketed as true bypass, however the two units we’ve reviewed absolutely are not true bypass and use the same FET bypass system found on the pedal this was copied from. The first one we received also had a defective power supply that sounded considerably worse than battery power. A bit concerning for quality control on an otherwise beautiful pedal.

Mods include:
1. Install additional center footswitch so Phaser and Fuzz can be activated separately.
2. Convert pedal to true bypass.
3. Install status LEDs for phaser, fuzz, and fast footswitch.
4. Install fuzz Tone knob in place of the Mode 6-position rotary switch.
5. Install phaser Depth 3-way toggle switch: Low, Medium, and High settings.
6. Install volume boost circuit to increase the output of the phase circuit. This can be adjusted internally

This pedal has a unique design with a thick, aluminum plate on top of a steel enclosure. That makes it time consuming to drill and requires special hardware with a longer shaft. For those reasons the mods on this page will not be offered in this form as an Overhaul mod. We expect to have a more practical overhaul mod available in the near future which utilizes the two existing footswitches to act as bypass for fuzz and phase circuits.

Don’t own one already? Purchase a stock Jet Phaser and have it modified.

Factory footswitch hole showing the steel chassis with thick, aluminum plate.

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