We offer a wide variety of rehousing options to suit any budget. Rehousing prices vary greatly depending on the pedal but start at around $75 for the most basic jobs. Some things to consider when pricing out a rehousing: All casings will be a bare aluminum finish. We offer a textured black paint for $15 extra. These enclosures are painted and then drilled so there is a small possibility of superficial scratches during the drilling and assembly process.

  • We do not label pedals, print graphics on them, or use any other pre-painted enclosures.
  • The cost of a rehousing does not include true bypass or any other modifications in the pricing.
  • Cheaper pedals cost more to rehouse.
  • Not all pedals can be put into a smaller casing due to the PCB size. This includes the EHX Microsynth and the Deluxe Memory Man.
  • We no longer rehouse Behringer pedals or Danelectro Mini pedals.
  • If you need the original parts back please say so while requesting a price/shipping quote.
  • Check out the Gallery for a selection of rehousings that we’ve done over the years.