Digitech Whammy IV & V

The Digitech Whammy has gone through many revisions over the years. This page was originally written for the Digitech Whammy IV as seen above. Many of these mods can be applied to the latest revision of the Whammy (also known as the 5th Gen or Whammy V). Please contact us for any clarification if a custom modification will work on the model that you own.

The Digitech Whammy relies on digital processing for its pitch shifting functions. This affects your guitar's tone even when the pedal is bypassed. The Whammy has a noticeable increase in treble which is often described as sounding sterile and harsh. The pedal also adds a small amount of noise when in the signal chain. A true bypass modification allows the signal to pass through completely untouched when the pedal is bypassed. The dry out remains unmodified; if you use the dry out please contact us for the best solution. Since the Whammy uses the original footswitch to calibrate the pedal a new microswitch is mounted underneath the treadle for easy adjustments in the future. Read more about the calibration process from the Digitech website.

The Whammy has a variety of sounds built in but relies on bending over and turning the knob in order to change presets. Our Preset Footswitch Mod installs a new switch which allows you to cycle through the presets in a clockwise manner moving one preset per stomp. Favorite settings can have the LEDs replaced with a different color to make it easy to find when scrolling through on a dark stage.

Whammy IV  
Whammy True Bypass w/ microswitch (shown below)....................... $50
Whammy Preset Footswitch Mod........................................................ $35
 Whammy V prices to be posted soon