DOD 250 Overdrive: Gray Generation Switch

DOD 250 CloneThe DOD 250 overdrive is one of those classic effects that’s been around for decades and is still highly sought after. Pedal collectors may desire it because of the rarity, but the original pedal screams when ran into a cranked amp adding plenty of sustain and punch. The original Gray edition was made for the first few years of production in the late ’70s. After that came a variety of yellow colored revisions which is how most players recognize it. While there are many Gray DOD 250 clones on the market what is often overlooked is that there were actually a few different models all inside the same Gray-colored casing.  After researching, comparing pictures, and inspecting units on my bench that were in for repairs I’ve come up with this DOD 250 design. The main differences over the years include different diodes and capacitor values leaving the original model a bit darker and more bass-heavy than it’s successor.

This DOD 250 clone has an added DC jack, true bypass, and LED for the modern updates. On top of that we have a toggle switch that switches between the two variations of the Gray model DOD 250 as discussed above. Lots of versatility and accurate vintage tone but with the benefit of covering two desirable variations of the same pedal. These are being made in limited editions at $150, check out the FXdoctor Specials page for ordering.

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